Petty 50 Cent shades his baby mama as the end of child support nears, and his son fires back at him


50 Cent’s relationship with his first baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, is rocky and it has affected his relationship with his very first son and complete look-alike, Marquise Jackson such that the father and son go at each other publicly from time to time.

Today, 50 Cent, who will soon stop paying child support to Marquise’s mother, took to Instagram to gloat about it in a very petty way. He revealed that he’s hosting a party on Friday 13th to celebrate what he called his “child support release” and said invitation is open to women who do not have kids and women who did not collect child support.

He wrote: “Child support release party Friday 13, Club Lust 1:00 AM Happy Hour drinks on me. Tom petty is alive !!! Ladies with no kids, Free Admission ? Ladies who didn’t collect child support, Free Admission?”


His son obviously did not find this funny and he fired back in the comment and called out 50 Cent’s TV show.

He wrote: “Damn only if your new tv show was this funny ??”