Mother Of 20 Year Old Man Who Reportedly Committed Suicide Cries Out, Alleges He Was Killed For Ritual Purpose

The mother of 20 year old Nigerian man, Edwin Owodunni(middle), Mrs Owodunni, has composed a request of to the Federal Criminal Investigation Department (FCID), Homicide Section, Alagbon Close, Ikoyi, Lagos over the sudden demise of her child who came to Nigeria to invest some energy with his dad in April.

In the appeal to which she sent to the criminal examination office, Mrs Owodunni who is situated in Germany with her child says he came to Nigeria to go through the occasion with his dad, Edwin Obele, when he kicked the bucket all of a sudden. As indicated by her, she speculates that her child was murdered and utilized for custom after the general population his identity living with started to dodge her calls. In her request, Mrs Odunni composed

“I am composing a request of about the associated kill with my child, Edwin Owodunni, 20, and a native of Germany. My child had been coming to Nigeria to visit his dad and this trek was his fourth. Edwin came to Nigeria on March 16, 2017 for the entombment of his fatherly grandma in the town at Owerri. Edwin was relied upon to profit to Germany for April 7. He was speaking with me (by means of telephone). He approached April 12 to advise me that he had stretched out his flight to May twelfth as he needed to invest more energy with his dad. That was the last time the family here in Germany got notification from Edwin. All endeavors to achieve Edwin’s dad demonstrated fruitless. All endeavors to achieve my child likewise demonstrated unsuccessful. In any case, shockingly, we were informed that Edwin had submitted suicide. We got this news on June 26 while Edwin professedly dedicated suicide around three months back in his dad’s town in Owerri”.

Mrs Owodunni said her child was covered without her insight and that she presumes he could have been utilized for custom reason.

“To this end, we need the police to completely examine this case to unwind the secret behind the demise of my child”.

Cops at FCID however say the father of the kid, Edwin Obele, had been captured regarding the child’s passing.